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Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles



Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles

Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun is writing and producing his own projects to create better opportunities for Asian actors.

Steven Yeun started working on his acting career in 2005. He left behind a lucrative career to movie to Chicago and become an actor. It is often times difficult to start a career as a working actor but, according to Steven Yeun it is even harder to do it as an Asian-American.

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UM HELLO HAVE WE SEEN HIS FACE? Everyone should be throwing money at him, tbqh. Because he is senior CEO of good looks in the face department. That face deserves nothing but THE BEST.

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YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


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Watch the story behind the legend, James Brown. #GetOnUp comes to theaters August 1. Get tickets now!

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The Dove’s Lost Necklace (Nacer Khemir, 1991)

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Benazir (S. Khalil, 1964)

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thepridefulandtheprejudging asked:
Please stop this white washing bullshit. Please. You're being a fucking ignorant asshole using just points as a face for your racism. Your points all have a weak foundation and you pick and choose how you represent facts, twisting things that should be held at face value. This is actually crazy, and I hope this is a joke.



This ask is so crazy. Thank you for wasting your energy sending this to us. You’re more than welcomed to continue to go through our blog with your denial-colored lenses. It’s amazing and hilarious that you sent us this despite the well-documented historical precedence and outstanding evidence of whitewashing in all areas of media and entertainment published in reputable online and print sources, as well as seen in documented personal testimonies of those affected by whitewashing.

Have a Nice day!

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Actress/director Kinuyo Tanaka and director Masaki Kobayashi are cousins and Kobayashi has said that the encouragement he received from her helped him to start his own career.

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"When a young person comes up to me and says they pursued something because of something I did, that I had an influence on their thinking. That’s a very nice feeling."

Happy 79th Birthday to legendary television, film & stage actress and singer Diahann Carroll, born Carol Diann Johnson (July 17, 1935)

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Correspondence with Eggplant Literary Productions






For those following along, this is the link: 



Links here: 




Link here: 




(sorry for the repeated lines in the screenshot images, this and the following message are rather long and required multiple screenshots.)



So, yeah, apparently Eggplant’s antho wasn’t meant to “cater to POC”.

I’m just going to leave this there.

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Submission: A Summary of the Eggplant Literary Productions Situation, by Arachne Jericho

This is going to be a long post. 

In July, 2013, Eggplant Literary Production (ELP) promised a diverse anthology, including being multicultural, about fairytales on a Kickstarter. From the Kickstarter description:

We want to publish fairy tales retold to include minority, LGBT, and disabled characters. We want to create stories that include the whole spectrum of humanity and make them truly universal.

I and many other PoC helped it fund. 

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