Denzel Once Turned Down A Movie Role So Racist He Thinks It Could Have Changed His Career







I didn’t think it was possible, but my respect level for Denzel just went up about 100 times. Not every job is worth accepting.

I’ve seen this before but it’s always worth a reblog. Talk about pride and integrity. I wish more actors were like Denzel.

Always Reblog this

WOW…this is my first time seeing this clip but yes my respect for Denzel just rose tenfold. I know as a young actor on the come up it must have been very very hard to turn down 600k in order to stay true to your personal ethics.

This is the first time I’ve seen this… WOW.


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Anonymous asked:
This is random but can you give me faceclaims for roxanne and fred weasley?

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It’s not a stupid question, and I appreciate you asking so respectfully.

First, let’s look at the Wikipedia definition, b/c it’s actually pretty good.

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. It can include the introduction of forms of dress or personal adornment, music and art, religion,language, or social behavior.

These elements, once removed from their indigenous cultural contexts, can take on meanings that are significantly divergent from, or less nuanced than, those they originally held.

Appropriation practice involves the ‘appropriation’ of ideas, symbols, artifacts, image, sound, objects, forms or styles from other cultures, from art history, from popular culture or other aspects of human made visual or non visual culture.

Basically, it is when a person robs/steals elements from a culture that is not their own for purposes of being “fashionable”, “trendy”, “bohemian”, etc.

So for example: when a white person has dreadlocks. Or when a non-Native American wears a war bonnet or Native headdress. Or when a non-Hindu person wears a bindi.

So yes, these things are considered highly offensive. Because you are taking something that is sacred from another culture and using it for your own purposes.

It’s not just offensive, it’s really downright racist most of the time.

So, when Miley Cyrus twerks, when Selena Gomez wears a war bonnet, when Gwen Stefani wears a bindi - these are examples of cultural appropriation.

Things that are NOT appropriation would include like, enjoying the food from another culture. Or reading the books of another culture. And when in doubt, ask yourself, is this something that is sacred, or is this something that was intended to be shared with me?

Like, okay, I have a pair of leather moccasins made by a local shop owner who is Choctaw and makes them to sell in her store. It’s okay for me to wear those as a non-Native American b/c they were made to be purchased by the general population by a member of that culture. Also, moccasins are not a sacred cultural element. Those were intended to be shared with others.

And like I said, the same goes for something like food. If a Chinese person or Mexican person owns a restaurant that serves their own cultural cuisine to the general public, then it’s okay. That’s an example of cultural exchange, versus an example of cultural appropriation. See the difference?

So, basically, yes, it’s offensive when white people wear dreadlocks. They hold a cultural significance that is not extended to white people.

EverydayFeminism explains cultural appropriation vs. cultural exchange really well in this article.

So I hope that answers your question in depth, and once again, I do appreciate the question, and the respectful way in which you asked it.

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Eggplant Literary Productions Update

In case you thought Eggplant Literary Productions couldn’t get any worse: Bogi Takács, one of the writers for the Spellbound anthology, has posted that Eggplant is shutting down and that e has yet to be paid.

In relevant part:

By the time I came back – ie. nowish – I was greeted by the news that Eggplant Literary was closing. I still haven’t been informed by the publisher about this. I have no idea what’s going to happen with the anthology, whether backers will be refunded, anything. They seem to have emailed at least some of their writers, but they certainly haven’t emailed me.

The person in charge of my (former) company finances tells me Eggplant never paid me, despite the signed contract stating Eggplant would pay upon the receipt of contract. They did state that they had received my contract. There is a small possibility that maybe the transfer was misplaced (we got quite a few transfers from unexpectedly named Paypal accounts over the years), so I just emailed Eggplant to ask what happened.

The issue of delayed payment is extremely problematic in my case, since I’d explicitly told Raechel Henderson on May 29 that I would not be able to receive any payment after my arrival in the US (July 13), because it would be against my student visa terms. She’d assured me on Jun 03 that I would receive my payment well in advance.

I emailed her just now that since Eggplant seems to be in breach of contract with me, I request them to return my rights I signed away or I will be forced to take further action, unless they can prove that they really did pay me.

(reposted here with Bogi’s permission)

So not only did Eggplant a) mislead backers; b) ignore PoC when we pointed out issues with their Eurocentric guidelines; and c) refuse to refund backers (like Arachne Jericho and myself), they didn’t pay their writers.

This isn’t just unprofessional, this is outright scummy. I am beyond disgusted.

Signal boost this. Let Eggplant know that this is unacceptable.

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anyone else noticing a trend here?


didn’t know ancient egyptians looked like mayo…


Ok but of course the servants and thieves are black ok i see yall

This makes me so mad

Just damn. The racism is FLAGRANT. Like, wow. I would’ve rather everyone be white and WRONG than this fuckery here. Good Lord.

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Very important

And this is the importance of representation, especially for young children.

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In a recent interview with The Guardian, actress Thandie Newton talks all things ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’, Zimbabwean politics, racism in the film industry and her friendship with writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles



Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles

Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun is writing and producing his own projects to create better opportunities for Asian actors.

Steven Yeun started working on his acting career in 2005. He left behind a lucrative career to movie to Chicago and become an actor. It is often times difficult to start a career as a working actor but, according to Steven Yeun it is even harder to do it as an Asian-American.

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UM HELLO HAVE WE SEEN HIS FACE? Everyone should be throwing money at him, tbqh. Because he is senior CEO of good looks in the face department. That face deserves nothing but THE BEST.

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YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend.