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The term “gypsy” is actually a non-preferred and derogatory term (slur) for Roma people. The slur assumes that the Romani came from Egypt, which is not true. For those of you who aren’t aware of anti-Roma bigotry, the Roma are an indigenous people whom originated in northern India 1,000 years ago who continue to be pushed from nation to nation and mistreated. They are frequently denied legal status and social services and often suffer from poorer health status than that of the general population and other marginalized groups within the UK and the US. Up to 220,000 - 500,000 Romani were slaughtered in the Holocaust, though a definite estimation can not be determined.

There are many stereotypes about the Roma, but the most predominant is that they are all gazing into a crystal ball, reading palms and tea leaves or divining the future with a deck of Tarot cards and that they’re all sociopathic drifters who steal children and anything else that isn’t tied down.

Please don’t continue to use this slur in ignorance.

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Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




He has so many “characters” of hispanic and african american descent that are horribly offensive. He tacks on offensive “ghetto” accents and tangled cheap wigs and gives the characters the stereotypical racial persona’s like prostitutes, criminals, maids, cholas, etc.

Just a random example of one of his characters that is a maid with an offensive hispanic accent who he depicted having sex with a dog 


He was made popular for his character named Shanaynay who he’s played for years, every video the character is featured in contains extremely racist content. She’s depicted with a “ghetto” accent who makes horrible jokes. I mean there are countless videos of that character and every single one of them contain racist, homophobic, sexist and just outright offensive slurs and jokes. Just go to youtube, type “shane dawson shanaynay” and dozens of videos will pop up and i guarantee each one will have extremely offensive jokes and content.


In character or not, Shane’s videos always contain rape jokes, molestation jokes, racist jokes, sexist jokes, pedophilic jokes and homophobic jokes. Whether he’s in a costume and wig while doing it or just him out of character speaking. I actually lost count on how many times this man has said “F**got” over the years.

I am just making this post based on personal experience watching these videos and I am 100% sure there is way more horrible stuff so if you have anymore to say about this please feel free to reblog and add it on because I didn’t even go into depth of his videos and this is what i found with just about 10 minutes of searching things up. 

Shane has been making youtube videos for over 5 years now and he’s slid by with no repercussion or consequences of his seriously offensive actions. 

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The Valiant Little Tailor

Jack and the Beanstalk

Beauty and the Beast



Puss in Boots

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Little Mermaid

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

The Princess and the Pauper

The Snow Queen

HBO’s “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child” 1995 - 2000

(from the same people who eventually brought us “The Proud Family”)


My kids still watch these

I was watching these clean through high school because my dad had HBO.

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MTV And Logo To Premiere 'Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word'


MTV and Logo will premiere Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, a documentary following seven transgender youths and the issues they face.

On October 17, MTV and Logo will simultaneously premiere “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word,” a documentary produced by “Orange Is the New Black” cast member Laverne Cox. The hour-long documentary follows the lives of seven transgender youths. They hail from New York, New Orleans and Baltimore and range in age from 12 to 24 years old, but they share common obstacles and joys.

Cox, an activist for transgender issues as well as an actress, also acts as host for the documentary, walking viewers through the difficulties of coming out, how race plays into the equation, bullying, violence and familial and social support.

Viewers will meet Kye, a Brooklyn man who was the first transgender Division I basketball player ever, as well as college freshman Ari, an 18-year-old man taking his first steps into campus life. Zoey, a 12-year-old navigating life at her new school in California after school administrators refused to acknowledge her as a girl, is also featured, among other true life stories.

After the documentary’s premiere, Logo and MTV.com will host an hour-long “Trans Forum,” hosted by Cox and SuChin Pak. Alongside the subjects of the documentary, Cox will field questions from audience members and those tuning in via social media.

The documentary was produced as part of MTV’s Look Different campaign, a multi-year initiative to identify and fight biases, whether they be based in gender, sexual orientation or race.

“Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word” will air on October 17 and 7 p.m. ET.

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Center Stage, 1992

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Many representations of Iranian people in Western narratives have been racist, misaligned, or one-dimensional. These characters range from the evil husband ‘Moody’ Mahmoody in Not Without My Daughter, to the patriarchal and stubborn Massoud Behrani in House of Sand and Fog. And while they’re not always written as villains, terrorists, or flawed characters, more often than not Iranian characters come off as types or ciphers (like Sahar in Argo), and rarely are they the main character. With The Past, the protagonist Ahmad has not only been written by an Iranian (Farhadi), the character is played by an Iranian actor, Ali Mosaffa. Thus the film illustrates an Iranian experience rarely seen in productions catering to a Western audience—that of an authentically created Iranian protagonist in a European diegesis.

An Iranian in Paris by Tina Hassannia for Guernica Magazine

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Like you couldn’t get a Japanese girl to be on the cover of Vogue Japan’s anniversary…

Devon Aoki would have been a perfect choice. 

And a big fuck you to the Daily Mail for sexualizing Geishas.

Where are the white feminists?

oh right you’re silent, you’re always silent. 

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"At the box office, people began asking "Is this the show with the little cross-eyed girl?" I had become the star of the chorus, much to the disgust of my fellow dancers. "Monkey", they called me, and did what they could to make my life backstage miserable. I finally took to dressing in the bathroom. At least no one bothered me there! One of the dancers even tripped me up one night as we were making our entrance, but I managed to do such a comical nose dive that I received more applause than ever. They didn’t try that again!” 

Josephine Baker in her memoirs [Source: Josephine Baker: Entertainer]

Photo Source

Classic Ladies of Color

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Anonymous asked:
I'm going to totally talk about zankyou no terror (because I love it,) but I think a lot of people have that, "white is the default mentality," and because the main characters names are numbers and one is Lisa and paired with the drawing style, they assume Japanese citizens, born in Japan, who speak Japanese, but don't look like the typical anime characters must be white. Since that's literally completely plausible. But yeah, it's definitely been a weird trend with some of the fan art.

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Anonymous asked:
Is it just me or does a lot of the Zankyou no Terror semirealistic fanart depict the characters looking white instead of Japanese?

Santoine: Followers, thoughts?

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