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Uzo Aduba wins an emmy for outstanding guest in a comedy serie for Orange is the new black.

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Anonymous asked:
Why does it seem like you believe certain behaviors, items, or whatever only belong to only a certain group of people? Or that it is forbidden for other races to adopt these rituals and use them as well to experience a different culture? Like it rude if a white person uses an afro pick because that's only for blacks (just an example). Maybe this isn't true, but reading your blog that's what I'm picking up. Trying to understand your logic.

Santoine: “rituals” “trying to understand [our] logic”

it’s a real shame and disrespectful that you sent us these two asks when the answers are all over our blog. did you even bother to read our ask policy or did you ignore it? 

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Behind the scenes sneak peek of of with his Emmy!

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Uzo Aduba attends the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards 

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Rinyielü Lizo by The Tetseo Sisters

The Tetseo Sisters Mütsevelü (Mercy), Azine (Azi), Kuvelü (Kuku) and Alüne (Lulu) live in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, and belong to the Chakhesang Naga tribe, one of the major Naga tribes. They sing in Chokri, the dialect of the region around Phek.

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Actress Miko Mayama was born on August 15, 1939.

She had roles on such television programs as I Spy (1965), F Troop (1967), Star Trek (1967), It Takes A Thief (1968), Hawaii 5-0 (1972), and M*A*S*H (1979).

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