- Tuesday, October 14th


Sesame Street: Viola Davis and Elmo Throw a Fiesta!

Viola Davis and Elmo are playing the game “What does it mean?” Do you know what the word fiesta means? We’ll give you some clues. When you’re at a fiesta you’ll see balloons and confetti and streamers, you’ll hear music and people will be dancing and having a good time. What? You think you’ve been to a fiesta before? Hope so, because fiesta means party! Join Viola and Elmo as they throw a rockin’ fiesta.

- Monday, October 13th


Calling all POC!!!

The launch of kon-jure poetry is underway.

kjr is seeking out poc poets from all over the world to submit their work to be showcased.

Submissions will be taken at kon-jurepoetry.tumblr.com/submit or you can email tokonjurepoetry@gmail.com.

Upon submitting or emailing, please include your name, age, location, and racial/ethnic identification.

Official blog launch is November 21, 2014.

Let’s make it happen!!!!

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- Monday, October 13th


What I think of every time I see a “Sexy Pocahontas” or romanticized rendition of “Pocahontas and John Smith”. 

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'This Impromptu Dance': Geoffrey Holder's Son Tells One More Story

- Saturday, October 11th


Q: You have been described by critics as a comic too bitter for comedy
Aamer Rahman: I think basically it’s just the expectation on non-white comedians to pander to white audiences. I think it is just unusual for people to see a brown person who makes comedy for black and brown people, you know?. For someone in the industry to not sort of soften their material or edit to pander to their white audience.

Aamer Rahman: ‘There’s an expectation of non-white comedians to pander to white audiences’ | Interview with Ceasefire Magazine

- Saturday, October 11th



Danielle Brooks is sick of your shit white-hollywood.

shout out to Raven-Symoné
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- Saturday, October 11th




rushing to put these up. people are really digging these. If you want to put these up yourself. right click save picture an print…somebody asked me if i  was going to their state an put these up. no. If you like them print them  and post them yourself


I’m doing this!!

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- Friday, October 10th


Elliot Knight - HTGAWM 1x03

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- Friday, October 10th


Maya women hairstyles and headwear in the Classic period (c.600-900). Based on primary sources: vase paintings, murals, ceramics, figurines, bone carvings, stelae etc.

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- Thursday, October 09th


Viola Davis graces one of six covers from Variety’s sixth annual Power of Women issue [X


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