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Submission: A Summary of the Eggplant Literary Productions Situation, by Arachne Jericho

This is going to be a long post. 

In July, 2013, Eggplant Literary Production (ELP) promised a diverse anthology, including being multicultural, about fairytales on a Kickstarter. From the Kickstarter description:

We want to publish fairy tales retold to include minority, LGBT, and disabled characters. We want to create stories that include the whole spectrum of humanity and make them truly universal.

I and many other PoC helped it fund. 

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Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ finds its Mowgli in Newcomer Neel Sethi

10-year-old Neel Sethiwill play the part of Mowgli in Disney’s The Jungle Book. Jon Favreau is set to direct the live action film. As Mowgli, Neel will be the only actor onscreen in the film, which is a combination of live-action and animation already featuring the talents of Idris Elbaas Shere Khan, Lupita Nyong’o as Rakcha, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa andBen Kingsleyas Bagheera. The film will be released in 3D on October 9, 2015. (x)

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Ankur (Shyam Benegal, 1974)

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Hollywood Actor Idris Elba was in Ghana some few days ago to celebrate his birthday, and shoot a movie. The Actor who is of Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean parentage traveled to Koforidua, Takoradi and many other places the movie “Beasts of No Nation,” was shot.

Idris is working on this production with Red Crown Production.The movie is based on a novel written by Uzodinma Iweala, and directed by Cary Fukunaga.

Read More here: http://www.enewsgh.com/enews/2014/06/04/first-photos-idris-elbas-movie-shoot-in-ghana/

Photo Credit: King Luu. 

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Stop what you’re doing & go support this brother.


Anthony Piper is going to be the next be thing to break out in comics. Even better he’s a dope Black artist. I can’t remember the last time there was a good one working for the Big Two companies.

I demand a “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” Wondeisha tank top


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“‘Djin’ is the name of a spirit that’s in a wind. That wind blows every 30 years. It selects people but nobody knows why or who. It blows, and removes whatever uncertainties a person has about whatever it is they care about the most, leaving them to take action.”

This is how director Hawa Essuman introduces the video story of her new film Djin, that she has been writing in recent months, and which bears the name of a magical wind which crosses the lives of the protagonists.  

Along with the transformations of each character, the film offers a fresh look at the locations in which it is set, along the Kenyan coastline.
Hawa Essuman is a young director of Ghanaian origin who is based in Nairobi.  She first approached the world of cinema as an actress, but later decided to focus solely on directing.  In 2008, after short films, ads for television and music videos, she made the feature length film  Soul Boy, which was produced by Tom Tykwer, and presented at more than 40 international festivals, where it won numerous awards including the audience award at the International Film Festival RotterdamMORE

Part 2: Treatment and Production

Part 3: Writing

Part 4: Crowdfunding

Part 5: Fund

Part 6: Location

Published on Apr 2, 2014

the director’s eye project is supported by lettera27 Foundation of Milan and promotes African cinema, in particular the writing and preproduction phases. These are some of the most delicate periods in the development of a film project and are rarely supported by other funds or prizes. the director’s eye was launched in 2012, in collaboration with the Festival de Cinema Africano de Cordoba and the co-production forum Africa Produce, and curated by Vanessa Lanari.

A jury comprising Nigerian director Newton I. Aduaka and South African producer Steven Markovitz selected Hawa Essuman’s Djin as the winning project for lettera27’s fund. During the course of 2013, after the award was assigned, lettera27 followed the work on Djin and offered its author the opportunity to talk about the project in a series of videos.

Video by Istituto Micropunta Interviews: Claudia D’Alonzo and Vanessa Lanari Video Footage: Hawa Essuman Editing: Istituto Micropunta Sound: Istituto Micropunta Camera DOP: Flavio Toffoli Project Manager: Cristina Perillo Thanks to: Newton Aduaka, Mane Cisneros, Carlos Dominguez, Steven Markovitz and Moleskine This video is realized in CC BY SA www.lettera27.org

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The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, deaf, poc mermaid?

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Zohra Sehgal is 101 today (27/4/2013). 

Here’s Zohra being Zohra on tumblr

Doctor Who’s first centenarian may well live through several more incarnations. 


RIP Zohra Sehgal (1912-2014). Definitely one of a kind.

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Zohra Sehgal dead: Indian actress known as the 'Grand Old Lady of Bollywood' dies aged 102

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British Film Institute Enforcing Diversity Standards


The British Film Industry announced today that projects wishing to receive funding must first meet industry guidelines designed to foster diversity both on-screen and behind the scenes. If money has to talk, at least it’s saying something useful for once.

The new diversity quotas will operate on a “three-tick” principle, and require participating productions to meet at least “two ticks” by showcasing a wider swath of socioeconomic backgrounds as well as disabled persons and individuals of different races and sexual orientations. In addition to qualifying productions for BFI funding, under the new measures producers who meet standards will have an opportunity to enter a lottery to fund greater diversity in their projects.

One can only hope America would get onboard with something like this!

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