- Friday, February 03rd


Origin: Forge was born to a Cheyenne tribe, and was gifted with great shaman potential. He was raised by Naze to become a great shaman and to defeat their nemesis The Adversary. He spent most of his youth under Naze’s training. At puberty, his mutant powers manifested. This consisted of him being able to understand any mechanical device and the ability to create one as long as he could imagine it. His powers made him doubt his life as a shaman since they represented the exact opposite ideal, then that of his mystical/magical heritage. This confusion made him rebel against Naze and his teachings. He enlisted in the army and was shipped to Vietnam. While the he used his powers to create weapons and other tech. Forge was soon promoted to sergeant and was even offered a spot in S.H.I.E.L.D, but he rejected it. During war he was confronted with great personal dilemmas including, having to kill a very young man of the Vietnamese troops and the responsibility of leading an entire squad.

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