- Friday, February 03rd

Jesse Black Crow

Origin: Jesse Black Crow was born a member of the Navajo, but sought out his fortune in New York City. Like many Native-Americans at the time in New York, Jesse became a scaffolding worker, unafraid of great heights One day, while working 20 stories up, scaffolding gave way and Jesse plunged to the ground. He survived the fall, but was paralyzed from the waist down. Jesse received a vision from the spirit of the Earth showing him the plight of the Native American people as he lay unconscious in the hospital. The Earth Spirit endowed him with mystical powers so that when needed, the spirit transformed Jesse into, Black Crow. As Black Crow Jesse re gained the use of his legs, was super-humanly strong and agile as well as possessing the ability to transform into a crow or even a bolt of lightning.

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