- Tuesday, November 13th

Shows With POC

Word Girl (Chanel 11 PBS) is another great show with POC.

Not only does it have POC,( the main character, Word Girl, is Hispanic)  but its extremely diverse. I have seen both east and south asian characters, an albino kid, interracial families, what appeared to be a gay couple a wheel chair bound kid, mixed race kids and a character that seemed to have speech disabilities. All of which were never used for plot devices or even mentioned. They just roam around in the background of the show just like in real life.  

It is probably one of the most diverse cartoons I have ever seen. I think that this is an important show because it’s a children’s cartoon that makes an effort to create a world where there is representation for all the different types of people one would encounter in real life without making the fact that they are not white an issue or even a discussion point. Which is something important for children’s television. I think that the fact that they even went as far as to include the albino character and the other characters with physical disabilities shows the effort that the creators put into making the world in which the show is set a world that mimics our own.

Also, something worth mentioning: I’m pretty sure most of the villains on this show are white (3/17 of the villains are POC). I don’t think its intentional, but that’s kind of what’s going on. Also, the main character’s “love interest” would make her in an interracial relationship.

To find out more about the show you can visit their website.


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