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Cultural Appropriation blogs

Here is a list of blogs run by people dedicated to calling out cultural appropriation of their respective cultures. I made this list because quite frankly, its extremely disrespectful to ask people who are not from a certain culture what is and what’s not cultural appropriation instead of asking people who actually are from that culture/s. 

If there’s anymore blogs I missed feel free to add on.


Posting all the awkward photos and texts that exoticise Africa. Africa is not a place for you to find your fucking self, Jesus Christ Almighty. Feel free to submit any bullshit you’ve seen around the internet that fits this. oh. and Africa is not a country. But you already knew that 


Because the appropriation, stereotyping, and fetishizing of native cultures will not be tolerated


Just a blog about Japanese stereotypes, racism, the misconceptions of white people and so on


This blogs main function is reveal the embarrassing glorified view people have of Ireland.
I will mainly be calling out people who stereotype Ireland/Irish people/Irish History, glorify the Troubles, openly discriminate aganist Irish Travellers/Irish Catholics/ Irish Protestants, Irish Americans who believe is ok to use the N word or be openly racist. And correcting One Direction fandom.


This blog is NOT intended for any India cultural appreciation tourists. Seek your fix for upper-caste, light-skinned Bollywood love elsewhere.
This blog is NOT intended to showcase the “vibrancy” and “colorfulness” of Indian people. Seek your nonsensical, colonial exotification elsewhere. 


Welcome to This is Not Asian, a blog dedicated to showing people just how bad orientalism and cultural appropriation can be. To learn more about what we hope to do and what we stand for, read our introduction below.


Because the fetishization of Koreans will not be tolerated.
Guys when you ask/message me please make it clear if you want this to be public or private cuz that always confuse me.


A blog dedicated to deconstructing the negative perceptions of the Filipino people (whether real or imagined), examining the origins of modern Filipino values, and calling out the international affect on Filipinos abroad. The aim is for individuals to redefine for themselves the meaning of what it is to be Pinoy.


When I see anti-Semitic bullshit, I call it out.  I may or may not be nice about it.  I may or may not cuss a lot.  I may or may not use condescending GIFs.  It depends on my mood and just how irredeemably stupid the specimen in question is.


Cultural appropriation pisses me off, and if I see you appropriating my culture I will make you aware of it. Because you need to know you’re wrong. You cannot dissect a culture and pick out the parts you find “stylish” or “in trend” just for the sake of looking cute. 

This is not an educational blog. I’m not gonna sit around and teach you about my culture because a.) I don’t have time, and b.) I’m not a fucking teacher. And yeah, I do have a right to be mad, so get over it. If I reblog a picture of you, it will stay here on my nice little wall of shame, so don’t complain about it.  Appropriation of any kind will be put on this blog, whether you’re wearing a bindi, sari, obsessing over Ganesh, or saying something ignorant — you will be on this blog. 


A blog to teach people about Arab stereotypes and cultural appropriation of Arab culture.

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