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@ Kamanitree- Thank you for the links- the two links you sent me were the same, I did a quick search on your tags and I guess this article is the one you meant to send me. I hadn’t heard about those stories (no TV at the moment and I work a lot) but I can’t believe in this day and age, these parents are behaving this way. Some whites are really brainwashed, like naive little children, believing everything their government tells them and believing the US is a free country, home of the brave, land of the free, and since slavery was abolished, believe that there is no racism. Or they choose to ignore the problems as long as they are not the victimized group, they must really believe that all other nations suffer because “their government is not organized,” or some other silly reasons. So based on the articles I read, in simple terms, this means that it’s okay to teach students about how different groups suffered because of the white man but it’s not ok to teach about how the white man made other people suffer and how their white privilege played a huge part? They like to teach history using the passive approach because it allows them to distance themselves from the problems that they created and it’s easier to say, “such and such group suffered this many times, this many ways  because of the white man but it was wrong  thank God things are not like that anymore, they’ve gotten much better, etc…” But the direct approach says, “Whites, because of their skin color, bad judgement, ruthless exploitation methods, systematic exterminations and the countless other reasons they decided to proclaim themselves owners of the world, have done this and that and that, hence why it is easier for us today to get the better jobs, the better schools, more money more success, while still holding our spot at the top. We’ve benefited from it for a long-ass time now and still benefiting from it for no other reason than the fact that we’re white and we have nothing else to show that we deserve any of this.” They are afraid of the direct approach because it opens up their eyes and make them realized that they are responsible for the hate, pain, and suffering that others endure. They will notice the burden that should have carried a long time ago and the responsibility to pay the world back. They are afraid to face their biggest fear that everything they have today is due to the blood, sweat, and tears of everyone else, not them, and what have they to show the world? Nothing. They’re afraid to face their fears, to come face to face with the fact that their lives have been built off of lies and they too are at fault. A lot of them say things like, “it was our ancestors’ faults” “I’m not racist” “it’s all in the past”, I can’t stand the “ancestors” excuses. Did you know, some people got out of slavery in the US in the 60’s? My MOTHER was born in the late 50’s, she’s in her early 50’s and I’m in my early 20’s. I wasn’t born in this country but I can definitely relate and I consider all types of slave history part of my own. So keep in mind, as far as TODAY, this could be a 20-something that you go to college with, and their parent was a slave, it could even be a random 50 or 60 year old that you see walking down the street yesterday and they could have been a slave. So white people need to stop fucking around with that damn “ancestors” line, it wasn’t that long ago; your great-uncle Jeremiah or even your uncle Joe who’s still alive could have been a slave owner 45-50 years ago and you didn’t tell him anything, believing in your mind and telling yourself that he was in another world and you didn’t want to “bother him” and you wanted to leave it alone, but you knew the truth, yet you still called him every Christmas and you still do, smdh. I’ve added a couple of links on the bottom if anyone’s interested.

Video documentary about Mae Wall and her’s, her sister’s and her father’s enslavement in the 1960’s:

The Untold Story: Slavery in the 20th Century

I picked this article because I thought it was a good
(not the greatest lol) example about how the white man’s bad habits has seeped through the world in various ways, while he remains completely unaffected:

Slavery in the 21st Century


Kamanitree: Oh yeah, sorry I originally had the same link in both but I fixed it. I wouldn’t say that they want to teach how the groups suffered because of the white man. Just a little tid-bit saying that they suffered without really going into the role of white people - so yeah, basically a passive approach.

And the way all these people think is that it’s all in the past. No one wants to acknowledge that racism still exists and when PoC try to tell them, they make it sound like we’re making a mountain out of a molehill. And just look at how they’ve been trying to do away with things, like Affirmative Action, that are trying to rectify some of the inequality. Not only are we still facing racism, the collective memory of what has happened in the past will affect us for a long time. You can’t just know what wrongs your people have been through at the hands of white people and just go oh well, that happened.

And thank you for the links!

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