- Friday, April 19th

LEE: A feature film set on the Pine Ridge ReservationSundance Film Institute backed Feature Film about Native American Teens to Shoot on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation May, 2013

Pine Ridge, South Dakota – April 10, 2013 - LEE, is an award winning fictional dramatic feature written and to be directed by Chloé Zhao. Set in present day Pine Ridge, LEE is the coming of age story of a young man who when tragedy strikes his family makes a risky decision that forever alters his most cherished relationships.

The film will be shot entirely on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and surrounding towns in South Dakota. The film will feature lauded Native American actresses Irene Bedard (Crazy Horse, Smoke Signals, Pocohantas) and Delanna Studi (Skins, Edge of America) but the majority of the cast will be comprised mainly of non-professional Lakota Sioux discovered through open casting calls held throughout Pine Ridge by Casting Director Rene Haynes (Twilight Saga, Skins, Into the West).

The film has received tremendous institutional support from the Sundance Film Institute, Film Independent, and Independent Filmmakers Project (IFP) and received financial support and mentorship from Academy Award winning director Ang Li (Life of Pi) and Academy Award nominated filmmakers Chris Columbus (The Help, Harry Potter), Spike Lee (Malcolm X), and Ed Harris (Appaloosa, The Rock).

A Kickstarter campaign for the film was recently launched to help fund the production of the film and build greater awareness around the Pine Ridge Community.

Please visit the Kickstarter page or http://bit.ly/14ZsRJ0 to learn more about the film.

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