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Gurl, no

Biracial people are Black people.

I see what you are saying, but biracial people are Black people too.

You are putting limitations and parameters around Blackness and Black identity, which is insulting and fucking wrong of you to do.

I agree with the assertion that there’s not many biracial characters on TV, but to not let a biracial person play a Black character implies there’s a standard, singular Black experience. Plus, not all biracial people are light skinned. Some of them aren’t white passing. But all of them are Black people.

I’m really disappointed that you feel this way. 

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    I don’t feel disappointed. The anon has a point. If bi-racial people can continually play black people in tv and movies...
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    ^^^ thank you.
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    I’m biracial and I identify as “Jamaican and Puerto Rican” when people ask bc thats what i am! Simple. I consider myself...
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    ^Definitely read.
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    It’s funny cuz if you ask anyone who’s seen me they say I’m black and would probably swear up and down I’m 100% black....
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